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The solution to your problems

We offer following activities:

Sale of used die casting machines and peripheral equipment

Purchase of used machine is a matter of trust!

In order to count on your new used machine, we also offer by request the die casting equipment you bought from us with a functional guarantee.

What does functional guarantee mean?

According to an agreement with you, we carry out putting into operation at our location.
In subsequent putting into operation at your location, you have the opportunity to test yourselves all its main functions.

We also gladly put into operation the purchased installations on location in our company.

Partial or complete renovation of die casting machines and their periphery

You will find a lot more at our company than at another trader’s company

You have a die casting machine or an automation device which have served you well for years and which you do not wish to discard at any cost. You are thinking to yourselves: “The quality is still at hand, the old equipment has always been up to standard. And purchasing a new machine is a serious expense. In any case there should be another way”.
Yes, there is. Turn to us and we shall give a new impulse to your old and good machine. We may renovate it partially or completely, depending on your desires.

We shall set the piece of metal in motion by new electronic control, and the most sensible thing to do is to maintain control which is up to the newest standards. We offer our own control on the basis of Siemens S7 300. The new software will execute your commands and store your data duly. We shall build a new electrical cabinet with modern components, we shall replace the command boxes and we shall lay new cables.
The mold is not sealed well; you are having problems with parts quality. Have you ever considered renovating the machine’s closing unit? We shall manufacture new sleeves and axles, new tie bars and nuts, we shall assemble and install the whole machine anew.
Maybe it is just the hydraulics that is troubling you. We can replace all seals, hydraulic pipes and hoses.
We can manufacture new safe doors for your machine.

The equipment is changing incessantly, so it is best to visit your location, inspect your machine and consult you.

On-Site Service

Often small defects are underestimated but they surely always bring greater damage.

That is why we advise our clients to carry out regular inspection of their machinery fleet.

We offer maintenance and control of die casting machines and die casting equipment, with no contract or additional monthly expenses.

Our maintenance services includes:

- looking for mistakes and their removal
- assembly and repair works
- installation of new components
- programming, retrofitting, expansion / extension
- putting into operation
- Inspection and maintenance
- other services by request

If you urgently need our help, please, contact us:
00359 34 447190

Translocation of die casting equipment

Translocation of machines from one place to another or within a company is often underestimated and quickly leads to substantially high costs. That is why you need to turn to us as specialists in that field. We are going to prepare an individual price offer for you.

• Removal of machines and their components abroad
We offer the following opportunities:
- dismantling
- lifting equipment – we shall order a crane or a forklift
- loading to a truck, corresponding to the dimensions and weight of the equipment – the goods are sealed off
- preparation of customs documents
- transport and transport insurance
- Assembly of the machine in the factory
At your request, we can put into operation the transported equipment; we can also carry out minor repair works.

• Relocation of machines and die casting cells inside the factory

We shall certainly visit you in your factory to inspect the equipment and to discuss together the most appropriate manner of action for:
- the necessary disassembly works
- new installation of cables, water, air or gas supply
- if the available lifting equipment is sufficient
- inspection of the machine’s new position
- your desires and expectations – for example, the machine should also be put into operation and production, not only disassembled and assembled, or you wish to connect to it automation devices, etc.

We shall prepare a structure plan with the progress of the separate services for you to approve.
Throughout the course of the whole process we should not forget the safety of your employees, as well as ours.

Buying your used die casting machines and peripheral equipment

We are looking permanent for good used die casting machines and equipments.

If you possess such machinery for sale, we shall be happy to receive your offer.

Please, send us information about the machine’s manufacturer, its model, year of manufacturing, if it has peripheral equipments, and if it is possible, send us a few photographs.

We shall contact you.