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Automation equipments

Die casting machine automaton is accomplished by connecting additional peripheral devices to it. They include:
- dosing ladle – with its help the hot metal is transferred from the melting furnace to the die casting chamber of the machine;
- dosing furnace – a completely closed process of metal melting and its subsequent spraying into the die casting chamber of the machine; a very clean and secure process; lately it finds application more often and it takes the place of the dosing device.
- spraying device – it sprays with coating both plates of the instrument for easier separation of the already cast detail;
- extraction device – an automated hand is moved after opening of the machine’s doors to the plates and takes the already cast and very hot detail and puts it in the gitterbox pallet or on the conveyor belt.
In casting of details with big dimensions and weight, their manual extraction is impractical.
- ABB industrial robot – with a very high productivity and execution of different functions at the customer’s request. For example, the robot can simultaneously take the hot detail, spray the instrument’s plates, cool down the detail in a water bath and put it in a cut-off press to remove the surplus gating system. In this way the detail is ready for the subsequent mechanical processing or for packing.

The activity of these peripheral devices is synchronised with the machine through our software program on the basis of Siemens S7 300.We build a stable system with full control of separate data, which guarantees constant quality of the cast details and high productivity in short cycles. Our software program ist easy to use and store your full data, you can retrieve statistics and charts.

- heat-cooling unit – before we begin diecasting it is necessary for the mold, mounted on both plates of the die casting machine, to be preheated to a certain temperature. It remains constant during the die casting process through the mounting of tempering devices. Heat-transfer oil and water run in them, circulating in one or two circles.

Kuka robot

Manufacturer: Kuka robot
Model: KC 1
Version: ---
Year of manufacture: 2001
Condition: used
Reference-no.: EG A 001
Additional information: good condition