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Competence in Die Cast Machinery
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Die casting is the most progressive manufacturing method for details of non-ferrous alloys, which finds application in various sectors as motor industry, lighting and heating equipment, as well as many household appliances.

Technologically explained, the liquid metal is being molded with high speed and under high pressure in the chambers of a metal mold and takes its shape and dimensions.

The die casting machine makes this method an extremely profitable one, since manufacture of details with permanent dimensions and clean surface is possible, and in large quantities, as mass production, which happens in a short period of time, controlled by us. This is a guarantee for high productivity and constant production quality.

It is possible to connect additional peripheral devices to each die casting machine, such as dosing ladle, sprayer, pick-up, trimming press and other devices, until a fully automated die casting cell is constructed.

We, at the company of EURO GUSS EOOD, have experience in the manufacturing of aluminum details, so we are well aware of this process technology. On the other hand, our company’s creator has more than 25 years of experience in the field of building die casting machines, their putting into operation, maintenance and all other die casting equipment. Therefore, we can boldly say that we are the expert for you in the field of die casting equipment and installations. We claim that after the realization of so many projects of our clients, related to the rebuilding of die casting machines with closing force of up to 2000 kN, their setting up, assembly designs of peripheral devices until completed die casting cells.